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Film & Video Production Portfolio


This Ultra HD 4K resolution video was produced for the theme and specialty construction company COST of Wisconsin, Inc.

The promotional piece has been used for sales/promotion presentations and is the masthead banner on the company's website home page:

COST of Wisconsin - 4K Promo

When RainSoft partnered with Home Depot to offer their home water conditioning products through Home Depot stores, they asked us to develop a video to inform Home Depot sales associates about the value of conditioned water and RainSoft’s systems.

RainSoft - Home Depot

Montage has developed an innovative video interviewing solution to enable hiring managers to identify the most qualified candidates to fill positions within their company. We produced this video to introduce the concept.

Montage Talent Recruiting

An introduction to a series of informational videos we produced about the applications and proper use of VERSI-FOAM products. The entire video series can be seen at:

VERSI-FOAM Spray Insulation Systems

Meeting Modules

In 1892, Herman Falk established his machining company in Milwaukee’s Menomonee River Valley. That same factory continues to operate today under Rexnord ownership. This is an excerpt from the video we produced for a Rexnord annual meeting.

REXNORD Canal St. Plant Revival

Each year at their national conventions, RainSoft recognizes outstanding dealer sales and service people. We’ve had the pleasure to produce RainSoft’s meeting modules for more than 15 years. These are excerpts from a recent RainSoft Awards Banquet.

RainSoft Meetings

When RainSoft moved their entire operation – offices and manufacturing – to a new facility over a single weekend, we were asked to document the event. The video was shown at RainSoft’s 2016 convention in New York.

RainSoft Factory Move


Mine Shovels are enormous, complex, and incredibly expensive machines. A mining company’s ROI depends on the skill of their shovel operators. We produced this video for Caterpillar/Bucyrus to introduce their VAST Mine Shovel Operator Training Simulator.

Caterpillar Shovel Operator Training

Conveyer systems are the lifeline of any distribution center. We produced this video for Rexnord’s Flattop Conveyor Division to introduce their Roller Upgrade System that provides an affordable solution to increasing conveyor efficiency.

REXNORD Conveyor Solutions

Community Awareness

Art therapy can have a huge impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities. For this community awareness video about Donna Lexa Art Centers, we focused on the stories of those who have benefited from the program, and an instructor who knows first hand what it’s like to live with a disability.

Donna Lexa Art Centers

Medical Products

Living with Lymphedema presents many challenges. L&R’s therapeutic garments enable those afflicted with the disease to live fuller lives. For this video, we spoke with actual Lymphedema patents and a therapist who understands the challenges they face every day.


One of a series of national television commercials we produced for InControl Medical to promote their female bladder control products.



The idea was a medical talk show that would feature a panel of practicing nurses rather than “television doctors”. In addition to producing this funding appeal, we produced full episodes that can be seen at

Nurses Talk Promo

Sometimes we take on a project simply because it seems like something worthwhile. This crowdfunding video for a children’s book series about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is a good example.


Fun Stuff

Amateur sports car racing flies under the radar of mainstream motorsport media coverage. Yet it is a popular pastime for those who are willing to take the risks (and can afford the entry fee.)

Racing Sizzle Reel

Doctors, lawyers and business executives – many in their 60’s - competing with one another at remote racecourses often with no one in the stands except for nervous spouses and family members.

Driver Profile

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